1. Who should attend OBC? 
Our mission is to encourage and equip all believers to make disciples. Every believer should be encouraged and equipped for disciple-making after attending OBC. There are sessions for ministry to all ages of people.

2. How many people attend OBC?
Over 500 people attend the convention each year.

3. Isn’t OBC all about bus ministry?
No, while bus ministry has been and is an effective method for outreach and discipleship opportunities, OBC is about all forms of outreach and discipleship.

4. Where will OBC be held next year?
Currently, the OBC is held in Lebanon, PA, on even-numbered years and in Westfield, IN, on odd-numbered years.

5. Is there a registration fee to attend OBC?
No, we depend on free-will offerings for the convention. You may register free online at busconvention.com or at the registration desk.

6. Are children permitted to attend OBC?
Yes, families with children are very welcome to attend. Each location has areas for designated for children and rooms for mothers with infants. Children are also welcome to attend all sessions. Childcare is not provided.

7. Can I view the sessions online?
The evening services are livestreamed at busconvention.com. Beginning in 2018, we are also video recording some sessions which will be made available on the OBC website. All day-time sessions are currently audio recorded. A complete set of audio recordings may be purchased at the registration desk or by contacting the convention coordinator (michaelmason@juno.net). Please note that the audio recordings are available only on a “thumb drive.” You will need a computer to listen to the audio recordings.

8. If I am asked to speak does the OBC reimburse my travel expenses and/or pay its speakers?
Currently, only the evening speaker is paid. All other speakers graciously donate their time and effort to make OBC a great event.

9. Are there less expensive lodging options?
Yes, please contact the host pastor in each region for a list of places where you may be able to stay at little or no cost.

10. Are there opportunities to car-pool from my area to OBC?
The OBC staff does not currently coordinate car-pooling. However, there have been churches who have offered space in their bus or van for those who need a ride.

10. I would like to speak, but I have never been asked. Is there an opportunity to speak at OBC for people who are not asked?
Yes, we are always looking for fresh voices and new ideas. Please email your name, phone number, and the topic on which you would like to speak to the OBC secretary (pastorfry@fbhchurch.com). All speakers are approved by the OBC board of directors.

11. Is there a possibility of having an Outreach Convention in my area? 
Yes, the board of directors has established required standards for hosting an OBC event. To obtain this list of standards, contact the OBC secretary (pastorfry@fbhchurch.com).